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Catacombs of Paris

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Tschäggättä. Fasnacht in Lötschental/Switzerland. 

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So, a friend ask me to do this questions game. But since I’m retarded and I’m not able to get the rules I’m just gonna simply answer the questions without tagging and making new questions and post the rules, yay :P

 1. Give me a quote you find important, I don’t care if it’s from a book/movie/tv/yourself..

The loneliest fish grows the largest

2. How far would you be willing to go to bring about world peace…?

The only thing to achieve world peace would be by changing myself, I guess that’s the only way it would happen, everyone and each of us need to change our ways of thinking and stop being selfish and have empathy for each other, in order to change the world, we need to change ourselves first, if we want world peace, we need to find peace in ourselves first

 3. Are you someone who listens to the radio, someone who find their own music, or someone who doesn’t care?

I’m a little bit of the three hehe, more like the second one

 4. You can interpret this however you want: is there anything you find taboo, that you wouldn’t do, or that truly deeply offends you?

Is just simply something I wouldn’t do

 5. Do you always try to have an open mind? Say, what if I said God doesn’t exist. Or what if I said, God does…do you feel the need to correct me on either one?

I always try to have an open mind, at least on that god subject, I always try to keep the possibilities that both of them could be correct

 6. You can interpret this however you want: is there anything real?

I don’t know, everything could be as real as it isn’t

We make things real, reality could be an illusion, and illusions can be reality, but in the end, I think it’s all real

 7. I don’t care about the last book you read, or your favorite book…tell me about the book that would tell me the most about you, if I were to read it.

Hmmm that’s a hard one, because I don’t read quite often, and usually the book I read I tend to forget, and they’re all usually really commercial book that I only read because they made a movie about it. So I’m afraid I can’t answer this question, sorry :/

 8. Are you scared of getting lost?

Nah, I’m really good on getting out of mazes hehe

Not all who wander are lost, so if I ever get lost I’ll just simply know new places, even mentally

 9. Even if you don’t believe in such things: have you ever felt that a place was “haunted”?

Sometimes I think my house is haunted… well I used to think that when I was young, even though I never actually saw something weird, but now that I’m older, I haven’t felt that feeling, being a non-believer helps a lot on that hehe

 10. If you are gay, tell me why you can’t love someone of the other gender. If you are heterosexual, tell me why you can’t love someone of the same. If you are neither, tell me why you can love anyone regardless of gender. If none of these apply to you..whatever…idc

I consider myself gay, but I usually have this need to do something with a girl… you know… fuck her right in the pussy. So I think I’m somehow gay bi-curious.

But my feelings on girls are only sexual, I’ve never been emotional attract by any.

But I don’t know why… or do I?

 11.  If i wanted to make you just smile for a second, or maybe laugh a little, or just feel a bit better…what can I or someone do/say/give?

hahahahaXD that very easy thing to do, trust me, I laugh very easily, sometimes even at situations I shouldn’t, I know it’s not a real laugh, it’s a fake laugh, a laugh that usually hides that I’m nervous or feeling insecure. The last time I went to the doctor and he gave bad news about my condition I laugh like an idiot… so, getting a laugh from me is not that complicate :)

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How I dance while home alone


How I dance while home alone

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Blue night Hondo by Juan Pablo de Miguel

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more bear owls

based on my favorite owls <3

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